Serving children and youth with combined vision and hearing loss from birth through age 21


The Arizona Deafblind Project is a federally-funded grant program from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs and is administered by the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB). The project provides technical assistance, training, and support for children and youth who have a combined vision and hearing loss. This support extends to families, educators, and service providers of children and youth who are deafblind. The Project has a main office on the Tucson Campus of ASDB, with a satellite office in Phoenix at the Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative program.

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Our Services

Deafblindness is a unique information gathering disability which brings great challenges, both to the children who live with combined vision and hearing losses, but also to the parents and educators who live or work with these children. The Arizona Deafblind Project is here to assist educators and parents to better understand the learning needs of their children and acquire strategies that have proven successful with other children who are deafblind.


General Services

• Assist in determining if a child has a combined vision and hearing loss and qualifies as deafblind
• Provide classroom or program consultation visits
• Demonstrate strategies and techniques to use with children who have combined loss
• Provide information and resources
• Deliver trainings and in-services
• Attend IEP/IFSP, transition, and other meetings
• Lend materials from the Project’s Loan Library (books, DVDs, etc.)
• Assist with transitions


Parent Specific Services

• Provide home consultation visits
• Facilitate parent group meetings
• Host family-centered events
• Offer services through our Family Engagement Coordinator
• Assist parents to attend workshops and conferences


Special Projects

  • Intervener Training Program
  • Annual Child Count

AZDB Project

Improving educational, social, and communication outcomes for children and youth who are deafblind

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